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Unwanted hairs can be irritating and embarrassing. Patches of hair on
the upper lips of a woman, chin or bikini line can put her in many
awkward and embarrassing situations. The only way to get rid of this
embarrassment is to treat this hair with a permanent solution. The only
permanent solution available is the Electrolysis hair removal
technique.The Electrolysis hair removal technique treats one hair
follicle at a time. The root of the hair, the growth center is destroyed
with chemical or heat energy. Then the hairs are removed with the help
of a tweezers.

Why Electrolysis NYC?

Through this electrolysis permanent hair removal method
hair can be conveniently removed from the eyebrows, face, abdomen,
thighs, breast and legs. No permanent side effects but temporary
reddening of the places can be observed.Hair growth can be caused due to
many factors like heredity, high hormone levels in the persons body,
drugs action , improper temporary hair removal technique , or illness.
Electrolysis hair removal technique which is the only permanent
recognized method provides one, with a solution for all of his/her hair
removal concerns.

Electrolysis hair removal technique is not a one
time treatment and the number of treatments required to completely
remove one’s hair from a specific part of their body can vary from
person to person. The single treatment session can vary from 15 mins to
one hour. These session can be a little painful and if it becomes
unbearable then the practitioner can provide the one with topical
anesthetic to deal with the pain. This is to take notice that
Electrolysis hair removal technique is the only permanent hair removal
technique that is certified and all other methods and products does not
give a permanent solution to one’s hair removal problems. Other products
like Electric Tweezers which claim to give one a permanent hair removal
solution are not recognized by the government and hence not legitimate
enough to use. So does laser hair removal technique which is also a
temporary method of hair removal and does not provide one with a
permanent solution.

Thus one should only get his/her hair removed from a
licensed and certified electrolysis practitioner who should definitely
use needle electrolysis method and not other electronic tweezers or
photoepilators. Use of chemical products (liquid or creams ) and
other methods like bleaches and waxing are temporary methods of hair
removal and should not be paid for in the name of electrolysis hair

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