At Stop Lights You Will Be Able To Keep Up With Any Vehicle Off The Line.

After doing 3 conversions according to the plans we would suggest you locate a good helper as well. The first time we drove by a petrol station and saw all those people filling up with expensive petrol we just had to smile. I say that you need a helper because at times it is difficult to hold parts in place and also secure them. Small cars and lorrys fit nicely for this project. After converting 3 regular petrol engine vehicles to electric in the past year for us and friends we are convinced that anyone can do this. · A vehicle to do the conversion on · Detailed plans on how to make electric cars · A place to work garage, barn or even in your drive The first thing you will need to do is obtain a vehicle to convert. After that you can build simple mounting platforms for the batteries and controllers. We chose to use a small truck, a Toyota Tacoma to do our last electric car conversion and it worked out great. The whole process of learning how to convert gasoline to electric car takes about 2 weeks or so to complete depending on your abilities and persistence. lets get started now. Learning how to convert gasoline to electric car is really about matching your DC motor used to power the car with the available battery supply.

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Since this is the single biggest expense that is welcome news. lets get started. Properly fitted, according to the plans your electric car will rival any muscle car or motorcycle for acceleration in town. This was a big help to our budget minded family. At times having a second set of hands is a good idea. At stop lights you will be able to keep up with any vehicle off the line. Your electric car will easily travel at 50 mph and the acceleration is amazing. How far will your electric car go on a single charge? This is not a slow electric golf cart you are building. You just need to follow these simple steps · Find a vehicle any vehicle will work · Get detailed plans on how to convert gasoline to electric car · Obtain deep cycle batteries and a large DC motor for power · Various parts and accessories The nice part of this whole process is that you don’t need any special tools to do the conversion.

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